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I love helping companies I care about, whether that be helping a startup get their feet off the ground of helping a more seasoned company with their social media presence. I am well versed in Facebook Business, generating SEO, and cultivating an online presence, and have worked with a variety of companies to not only draw in traffic but help them create an online presence they are proud of.


UNC Asheville

Original Followers: 3,498
Followers Gained: 1,569

With UNC Asheville, I focused heavily on creating a more streamlined presence on social media. A major focus was to create imagery that utilized similar colors, fonts, and styles to create a more unified look. We also focused on utilizing the tools available on multiple social media platforms, such as creating permanent Instagram stories on their Instagram.


WNC For Rent

Original Followers: 0
Followers Gained: 814

WNC For Rent did not have any social media presence prior to working together, so a major focus of ours was simply to draw traffic in to their page. We utilized Facebook Business to create campaigns drawing in more likes to our page, as well as created brand specific to the business that we carried over all platforms.


Branding: starts at $25/hour
Regular Upkeep of Platforms: starts at $25/hour
Campaigning: starts at $30/hour
Statistical Analysis: starts at $30/hour