Virginia Taylor Co.



Here we go again.

My family always jokes that I have a blog for every year. There was the year I thought that having an extensive collection of large sweaters made me a viable fashion blogger, the year I struggled tremendously to be a food blogger and make my dishes both taste AND look presentable (neither with any success). There was the year I wrote posts about day-to-day life, even if that meant my blog was mainly about sunburn, summer camp, and doughnuts, and there was the year I worked so hard to make my blog look presentable I hardly got around to writing on it at all. I've been a fashionista and an artist, a foodie and a poet, an explorer and an adventurer and a free spirit who obviously does not have the kind of self control it takes to stick to one thing.

So I figured, why bother?

I have never been the kind of person to find solace in just one thing, and whether that be my fatal flaw or the key to my success I have yet to discover. I am intrigued by the ways of the world and thirst to experience and explore as many different things as I can, and while it may mean ballet classes and karate lessons and classical guitar compositions are short lived, it also means I've got a lot to write about. After all, the effects of each and every thing I've lived and breathed and felt are infinite.

So while this blog has partial direction, that being sharing photo sessions, keeping you updated with any changes or additions to my services, or just sharing announcements with you, I also want this to be a space that is open to exploration, a place where writing, photographing, and creating all combine. I want this to be a space I can continue to look back on, a place that brings just as much happiness to you as it will for me.

I hope you enjoy it.

Virginia Taylor